5 Benefits of Installing Wooden Fences


When deciding what type of fence you want for your home, there are myriad of things to look at. Everyone wants something that will last for ages. They want something that will add curb appeal and match well with the budget. If this sounds just like what you are looking for, then wooden fences are the best option for you.

Please have a look at the major reasons why you should opt for this fencing type.

Visual Appeal

A classic look is the obvious benefit that a wooden fence has – everyone grew up wanting the chic wooden fence in their front yard. These fences have been a first choice amongst all homeowners that are looking to enhance visual appeal to their property.

To complement the exterior of your property, there is a variety of wooden fences that you can get your hands – common ones are picket, board, split rail, privacy and post.


You can customize the wood fences easily and quickly to match your surrounding environment and make them fit better into the property within which they are installed. You can also change the aesthetic of these fences by staining or painting.

 Easy Maintenance

Maintaining wooden fences is pretty simple and they can be easily fixed if anything gets damaged. Though these fences need treating overtime, the cost of doing this is pretty low. Similarly, the time required for the maintenance is near to the ground, esp. when compared to vinyl fences or other fencing options.


Wooden fences are extremely environment friendly. To be more specific, when the fencing is replaced, it can be easily disposed. Trees that the wood is taken from can be grown again. The same cannot be said for other fencing types.

Timeless value

Interestingly, wood fences tend to get better with age as the wood matures and sets into its surroundings. The same benefit cannot be gained by installing other types of fencing such as vinyl or metal – they don’t last half as much as woods, and need much more maintenance in order to keep them functioning well.

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