Chain Link Fencing – Pros and Cons


Earlier, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl fencing. And, within a blink of an eye, we are back with the pros and cons of chain link fencing.

In United States, chain link fencing is probably one of the most recognizable styles of fencing. It is basically built in parks, sports fields, industries and many other commercial sectors. Major reasons behind its immense popularity could be its affordability, durability and appealing appearance. Now, let’s go even deeper and find out the major pros and cons of installing chain link fences.



If you are searching for the most affordable fencing option then chain link is your ultimate relief.  It doesn’t require extreme expertise, i.e., it can be installed even by do-it-yourselfers. However, professional installers can ensure a tight and lasting installation that will stay in a pretty good condition for ages.

 Low Maintenance:

Regular maintenance not just costs you extra bit of money but it also wastes your valuable time. However, when you install chain link fence, you can say goodbye to all of these issues. Chain link fence is galvanized, which means the metal wire fence material underwent a chemical process in order to avoid rusting and extend its life for years to come.


Basically, you install fencing for a safety. If it’s not safe then there is barely any use of it. However, this is not the case here, as chain link fences always contain children and pets in yards and also offer a sight link to allow watching activity on the other side.

While there are pros, there are also cons. So, let’s find the disadvantages of installing of chain link fence.



 Lack of Privacy:

One of the major flaws of installing chain link fence is lack of privacy. They don’t provide isolation from strangers’ curious eyes. Even though you can improve privacy by putting slats in the chain link, the option is not applied often.


Chain link is often looked as pedestrian fence design due to the lack of variations in color, style and design. Though you can improve its appearance by vinyl coating, it still fails to provide curb-appeal.

 Lack of Residential Security:

The basic purposes of installing fences are privacy and security – in both cases, chain link fences fail to deliver.  Though it can be built tall and barbed wire added to the top for security, they are typically applicable in industrial settings only. So, when it comes to security, chain link fence has nothing to promise for house-owners.


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