Different Types of Fences and Fencing Ideas


If you’ve decided to have a fence set up in your house, then here is a question for you – Do you know what type of fencing suits your property best? Well, this particular decision will have a massive role in your house’s exterior design, security and privacy.
Be it a wood, aluminum, bamboo or wrought iron – each of these materials will greatly affect your sense of home. So, before opting for your next fence, be sure to review some of the most popular fencing types that are mentioned below.

Aluminum fence:

It is one of the most basic and beautiful fencing types that you can find in the market. The best thing about an aluminum fence is that its cost of maintenance is relatively cheaper (almost maintenance free) and can still look like any other fencing options. The only extra cost that can bother you is during installation when you choose to paint and decorate it.
Aluminum fences are available in panels and posts of varying heights. While a short fence can help you for ornamental uses, a taller one can keep people and animals in or out.

Benefits of Aluminum fence:

– It costs much lesser than other fencing types
– It doesn’t rust like iron. As a matter of fact, it takes about 10,000 years to disintegrate
– It is maintenance free
– Most aluminum fence panels can adjust the slope of your land
However, one major drawback of aluminum fences is it doesn’t provide the amount of security that you expect from a fence.


Chain Link Fencing:

Though a chain link fence doesn’t add much privacy, it performs the other basic functions pretty nicely. It’s a very versatile option for both residential and commercial properties – esp. for enclosing areas like playgrounds, backyards and sport fields. You can also enhance the architectural value of your property simply by adding flowers, shrubbery or vines on the outside of chain link fence.

Chain link fence is very durable and capable to withstand extreme force winds. This is why it is also known as cyclone or hurricane fencing. This type of fencing is made of woven, inter-locking steel wire in which stability comes from steel posts that are cemented into the earth.

Benefits of Chain link fence:

– A perfect option for creating dog kennels, runs or other pet containment areas
– It can create a secure barrier
– Works greats for areas like parks and playgrounds
– It is also perfect for a temporary use, such as at job sites and industrial facilities


Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing might be a bit heavy on your pocket but it is elite when it comes to any other category – it’s attractive and maintenance free to name a few. Vinyl fences are not subject to rot, fading or other weather effects. It can also resist paint which allows you to clean graffiti or any other stains without much headache.
Today, vinyl fencing has become a nice substitute for chain link and wood fence. It doesn’t decompose like wood and its original condition can last for many years.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

– Doesn’t require painting
– Lasts much longer than wood fencing
– Easy to clean and maintain
– Rust free and doesn’t decompose like wood
– Doesn’t break off as easily as wood


Wood Fencing:

One of the most popular fencing types across America, wood fencing is the perfect option if your major concern is privacy. It offers a good visual appeal and gives you a welcoming feeling without the headache of breaking the bank.
It is a top choice amongst the people that are looking for a classical look – everyone knows the timeless value of wood. In addition, wooden fences can last for years to come and they are considered as a sound investment for your home.
Wood fences have a wide variety of designs, so that you can opt for the best one depending on your taste and need.

Benefits of Wood Fencing:

– It can serve a decorative purpose to the garden
– Easy to install and maintain
– Not much expensive
– It has a timeless appeal


Bamboo Fencing:

Recently, bamboo fencing is hitting its stride in the market due to its humongous craze among ecologically conscious house-owners. It is nature friendly and looks a bit different than other fencing options.
Basically, bamboo flooring has three different styles – live bamboo, rolled bamboo and bamboo cane. Bamboo cane and rolled bamboo use poles linked together that are a bit sturdier than live bamboo. As a matter of fact, live bamboo can grow up to a foot a year.

Benefits of Bamboo Fencing:

– It is made from natural vegetation and is ecologically friendly.
– Relatively easy to maintain
– More resistant to water damage, warping and stains than wood fences
– It is a trendy fencing option that can elevate the elegance of any exterior


Wrought Iron Fence:

Wrought iron fences are both beautiful and strong but they need a constant upkeep. One ideal approach of maintaining its beauty is sanding or repainting the fence every two or three years. However, wrought iron fencing is not the best choice for conservative homeowners as it cannot provide the utmost security and privacy like other options.
Wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very less amount of carbon in it, which makes it pretty much similar to steel. It can provide several different looks – from rustic to elegant.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fence:

– Much stronger than other fencing types such as vinyl and wood.
– Easy to maintain if they are painted
– It offers a variety of shapes and designs
– It is almost impossible to tear down


Whether you install a fence for aesthetic reasons, privacy reasons or just to create the boundaries between you and your neighbor, don’t forget to understand the pros and cons of each type. For this, a thorough research won’t hurt!



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