Tips on Keeping Deer Away From Your Garden


You will probably love the deer when you see it the first time. But if you knew how much harm they could do to your garden, you would probably change your thoughts about them. Here are some easy tips to keep those lovely animals from damaging plants in your garden.


  • Lots of people find that hanging pouches of human hair (yes, hair!) around the garden keeps deer at bay. It is believed that the human smell keeps them away.
  • Certain plants are more attractive to deer. Deer find lettuce, beans, peas, English Ivy, strawberries and peaches very tempting. Be careful not to over stock your garden with these plants. If you must, grow these plants closer to the house, where deer are less likely to approach.
  • Some strong-smelling plants are found to repel deer. Mint, lavender, garlic and chives are some examples.
  •  Also, deer seem to dislike plants with certain textures (thorny or hairy) like barberries, lambs’ ears and cleome. Try incorporating these plants at places where the deer might find its way in.
  • Spraying a hot pepper solution on non-edible plants is another good idea. The hotness of the solution makes plants unappealing to deer.



  • Get a fence! If the deer cannot see what is inside, they are less likely to jump over to your property or your prized garden. Remember Mine Hill Fence Builders for building your deer fence.
  • Put a 5-6 mothballs in an onion sack and hang it on a tree, at about a deer’s height. You can spread such sacks around the garden. Be careful not to bring the mothballs in direct contact with the plants or soil. There are chances of them dissolving, which could be bad for your health.
  • Keeping scarecrows, sundials and fountains could work in scaring away deer.
  • Deer are neophobes by nature and anything unusual makes them anxious. Added with sounds (wind chimes or bells) and bright lights, there is a very less chance of deer coming into your garden.
  • Hang pieces of deodorant soap in mesh bags around trees.

    The stronger the soap’s odor, the better it works in keeping deer away.

  • Having a dog works great in keeping deer away.
    A dog’s scent and bark are effective natural deer repellents.
  • Strategic placement of motion-activated sprinklers would also be a good investment.

Following these simple tips can keep your plants in your garden. But one of the best ways that we recommend is to fence your garden against deer. For that, our Minehill Fence Builders are always ready to provide you service.

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