Vinyl Fencing – Advantages and Disadvantages


Over the recent years, vinyl fence has become a hot topic in the arena of fencing.  The major reasons behind its increasing popularity can be its versatility and affordability.  Though fences are available in a variety of materials (wood, aluminum, iron, chain link), vinyl fences are still considered to be one of the best options. This is because they are available in different colors, they don’t have to be prevented from termites or rot and they need very little maintenance.

Let’s go even deeper and find out the major pros and cons of vinyl fencing.

Benefits of Vinyl Fences:

Reliability:  Basically, vinyl fences are much stronger than wood. They are not broken easily (especially in windy season) and give you better safety.

Durability:  Be it winter, summer or a rainy season, vinyl fences are suitable for every weather condition.  They are also regarded as the best option for seaside locations where there is high concentration of humidity and salt water exposure.

Low Maintenance:  As vinyl fences are made of plastic, they are not just flexible but also need very low maintenance. In addition, they are very easy to clean with water and soup. Also, due to the fact that small scratches won’t be exposed on vinyl, this fencing style has become one of the most preferable choices for pet owners. Further, with vinyl fencing you also don’t need to worry about the issues like decomposing, rotting or rusting.

Eco-friendly:  There is a myth that vinyl fences are made up of harmful chemicals. But, they are actually non-toxic – mainly composed of chlorine and hydrocarbons that are derived from salt and natural gas respectively.


Disadvantages of Vinyl Fences:

Cost: Vinyl fences are basically more expensive compared to wood or bamboo fences.  So, if you have a limited budget then you can hardly afford vinyl fencing. However, considering the fact that it doesn’t require maintenance in coming days, this option can come handy eventually.

Reparability:  There is no denying the fact that vinyl fences can tackle the wind and rain for quite long. However, if they are accidently damaged due to some uncertain factors then it would be extremely tough to repair them.

Anyway, apart from few avoidable drawbacks, vinyl fences are still one of the best styles that you can look for.

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