Why Should I Opt for Glass Fences to Enclose My Pool?


Glass pool fencing is one of the most preferred options for American homes. Not just in United States, but it has always been admired and envied by the huge number of people throughout the globe. However, there were certain people who used to hesitate to enclose their pool by glass fences. It might be because the glasses were extremely expensive and too fragile for the rough and tumble families.

However, with the changing time, glass fences started to become more durable and affordable, and as a result, it has significantly reduced the anxiety of many pool-owners.


Why Glass Pool Fences?

The best thing about glass pool fencing is that it provides you a completely unobstructed view. Also, since the glass panels are made of toughened safety glass, they can be very wide and only need to be fixed from the bases. This will definitely provide your fence a sleek and sophisticated look with the added benefit of utmost security. Also, one cannot overlook the fact that glass pool fencing has amazing fittings.


Methods of Fixing Glass Panels:

Basically there are three ways of fixing glass panels properly from their bases. Let’s look at each of them:

  1. Channel fixing: For channel fixing, channels are built into the concrete surrounding the pool during the time of building your pool. Then the glass panels are placed in the channels before grouting into place.
  1. Standoff fixing: In this type of fixing, there is a kind of hardware which holds the glass away from a vertical surface like a deck, a balcony or a flight of stairs. This method doesn’t come in use pretty much – unless you have the pool built against a wall.
  1. Spigot fixing: First of all, a fitting is fixed to the ground. Then the glass is secured to spigots (specially designed marine grade stainless steel). As this type of fitting floats the glass about 50mm off of the ground, it can help you big time in removing dirt and debris buildup and getting rid of dirt on the bottom of the glass.


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