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Deer Fence Installation

Despite being one of the beautiful creatures deer sometimes turn out to be troubling especially, entering in the property and giving you some surprises with messed garden. If you dwell in New Jersey (populated cities are exception), encountering deer is often.

Mine Hill Fence Builders has been helping hundreds of family in New Jersey by erecting fence and prohibiting their (deer) entry in home. We have covered entire north-eastern part of New Jersey including Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Somerset, Middlesex, Essex, Union, Hudson and more.

Why deer fence?

  • Deer transmit tick-borne diseases such as Lyme.
  • You watered and fertilized your flowers and vegetables every single day and next day, everything is gone.
  • (Fact: Do you know farmers of New Jersey bear a loss of around $5-10 million a year just due to deer? Mine Hill Fence Builders provides installation, repair and maintenance of electrical, chain-link and polypropylene fencing for preventing your wonderful wild neighbors to reach your estate or a particular area in your home (garden or any other particular area).

Look at some of the deer fencing that we offer in NJ.

Electrical Deer Fencing in New Jersey

Electrical fencing is a popular type of deer fence in the US. Being as one of the cheapest fencing available, deer fence can last for years if well maintained. Although shock given by an electrical fence is merely harmful to human and pet, you should think twice before installing if you have a toddler in the family.

An electrical fence is shorter than other types of deer fencing and is like training rather than a barrier. As deer attempt to enter to your estate, a shock from electrical fence prevents them to come across. With each attempt to pass through, the fence gives them unique surprise prohibiting them from the entry.

Polypropylene deer fencing in New Jersey

Polypropylene fence is made up of plastic material that is lightweight and have varieties. This type of fence lasts longer than electric fence and is strong as well. We offer varieties of such fencing with different heights and mesh opening option. These lightweight fencing is easy to install and is seen frequently around homes at woods in New Jersey. If you are planning to install this type of fence, call us to discuss in detail.

Metal fence

We also have metal fences to keep deer out from your properties. Our metal fences are strong and decorative. Contact us whether you need a deer fence for fencing just a small part of your garden or entire orchard. We will inspect your place and suggest you the best fencing.

Apart from Installing Deer Fence in NJ, We Also Offer:

So, if you are looking for a reliable deer fence installation service in NJ, consider hiring our service. Call us at (862) 219 – 9249 or reserve online.

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