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Mine Hill Fence Builders is a team of trustworthy contractors that advise, design, manage, install, repair and replace wooden fencing and gates in New Jersey. We also provide wooden fencing supplies in any part of New Jersey. Based in Mine Hill in Morris County, our company extends its service to Passaic, Somerset, Middlesex, Union, Essex, Bergen, Hudson and other areas around in NJ.

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Types of wood fencing commonly used are:

Board on Board

A perfect wooden fencing option who wants to maintain privacy of their estate! A third picket is positioned on top of every toe adjoining pickets. This obstructs the view completely and also makes the fence further strong.



This is the kind of fence where pickets are confined side by side. As the pickets are nailed strongly and tightly on rails, stockade fencing is durable and is preferred by many homeowners. However, due to bending and warping properties of wood, this type of fencing is likely to develop some breaches over the time.


Shadowbox Fencing

This is the type of fencing in which pickets are positioned across rails one after another. Although there remain small gap between front and back pickets, straight view is obstructed. It is good at maintaining privacy.


Post and Rail Wooden Fencing

People commonly use this type of wooden fences in farms and agricultural land. No pickets! Around three or four (depends upon the installer) tough ails running across strong posts installed in some feet gap from each other.


Picket Fence

Picket fence is classified into mainly two types. Wooden picket fence is among the oldest type of fencing and is still the most common type of wooden fencing method. Two rails run across evenly installed pickets. Contemporary wooden fencing differs from Classical wooden picket fencing by the top rail that runs on the top end of each picket.

Wooden fences do not just help in keeping your property safe from possible damages or theft, but also assist in visual obstruction and blocking noises. Wooden fences are still the favorite of people when it comes to fencing a large area. They are economical, environment friendly and are visually attractive.

Residential wooden fences are common in New Jersey. You can frequently see wooden fences used for enclosing deck areas and whole residential properties. And commercial wooden fences are mostly installed around restaurants, parking areas, schools and so forth. Furthermore, wooden fences are used in Industrial areas as well in NJ. Areas that do not need much security but need enclosures are normally fenced by woods.

Common wooden species used for wooden fences in New Jersey:

Western Red Cedar

This specie is resistant to moisture, rotting and fights insects attack. And its beauty lures many homeowners to use it for fencing in the US.

White oak

White oak is tough, strong and durable withstanding harsh weather. However, it warps or bends over the time. It is available easily and price is bit higher than red wood.

Tropical hardwoods

Have you heard about woods imported from South America? Tigerwood and Brazilian Cherry are some of the extremely hard and heavy hardwoods that are transformed into beautiful fences, desks and furniture. Although they cost pretty high compared to other wooden fences, many homeowners prefer installing this type of fencing in New Jersey.


Pine is comparatively less expensive than many wooden species for fencing, but it is equally weaker when it comes to resistance to moisture and durability. However, pressure-treated pine lasts for years as the physical and chemical treatment makes it durable and resistance to moisture.


Spruce is also commonly used wooden fencing specie that is economical. The whitish-gray color of Spruce makes it look great even without painting of any color. And over the time, the color changes to dark gray and look visually better.

If you ask for relevant reasons to use wooden fencing, then here they are.

Why wooden fencing?

Environment Friendly:

Are you among those environmentally conscious people? Then wooden fencing can be the right choice for you. Amounts of wood used can be re-grown in few years. Woods are biodegradable. It is just a matter of time to be completely decomposed with zero effects to environment.

Privacy Concern:

Some wooden fencing is the most preferential fencing choice of people who wants to have a private estate. Board on Board and stockade wooden fencing are excellent physical barrier. They can provide privacy up to hundred percent until someone decides to climb over the fence and look inside.


You must have seen numerous wooden ceiling that are elegant and beautiful. If you are able to choose a right and attractive wooden fence and an expert contractor, then you will have the fence of your desire.

Property Value:

If you are able to construct a beautiful fence in or around your estate, the upgraded appearance of your home is sure to increase your property value.

Furthermore, wooden fences are cost-effective. The installation and repair cost varies according to wood used. It is true that maintenance is needed time and again, it can be an easy task for DIYers.

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